Last week, we began reporting on all the pre-E3 2012 hype and one of the prevalent rumors circulating is the possibility of a new Gears of War title being unveiled this year. In an article we posted covering this story, we explored the possibility of the new entry in the flagship series from Epic Games and Microsoft Studios being a prequel to the first game. The solitary image that was leaked suggested as much, as it showed a shadowy figure resembling Markus Fenix, handcuffed and being led into a prison while carnage breaks out in the background. It was later revealed that the prisoners were actually series regulars Damon Baird and Agustus “The Cole Train” Cole.

Today, we have learned that a new Gears of War game is indeed in the works, with the confirmation coming via leaked still images from a launch trailer for the game. The still images show a city in flames, aliens battling in the streets and Markus in shackles. The first Gears of War game started off with Markus as a prisoner, so indications are strong that this new game will tie into the events that occurred before that time period.

The suggested title given is Gears of War: Judgement and the first screenshots from can be viewed in the gallery below. More details are expected to be revealed at Microsoft’s Pre-E3 press conference, beginning today at 9:30 am PST.