With a mind blowingly-amazing trailer, Ubisoft announced a new IP Watch Dogs at the tail end of its E3 press conference.

In the ten minute gameplay demo (included below), as protagonist Aidan Pierce is walking through a club, he encounters a waiter wearing a QR code for headgear (approximately 2:47 into the video). The QR code is scannable and takes you to www.dotconnexion.com/, a tie-in site for the game that shows you the video playing in the background of the gameplay demo. The video details the opening of a new art exhibit at the Ambrose Theatre in Chicago.

Under the ‘performance’ tab, the site shows interviews with two fictional artists who namedrop real people as influences.

I’m not sure what the purpose of the site is for, yet, but you’re able to send email to “dotconnexion@gmail.com” in order to get “tickets” for the event. This might be the beginning of an epic augmented reality game in the likes of the “I Love Bees” site. Or… you might just be signing up for email list. Who knows?