Quantic Dream creator David Cage has confirmed the studio’s new project, Beyond: Two Souls, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the Kara tech demo. Instead, the game features Ellen Paige as the badass protagonist, who apparently has telekinetic powers and a very troubled existence. The trailer shown at Sony’s conference boasts some very impressive visuals, and more of a focus on action than the studios’ previous title, Heavy Rain. David announced a Q4 release date for the game, meaning we should probably be able to play it by Christmas.

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Heavy Rain is not your typical gaming experience.  In an effort to tell a complex and winding narrative, developer Quantic Dream eschewed familiar mechanics in favor of mostly contextual button presses and motion gestures to propel the narrative further.  While the game may not have been the easiest sell, the PlayStation 3 exclusive proved to be a success for Sony, having sold over two million units in its lifetime.  And now Quantic Dream may be back with another unique offering.

Rumors have surfaced from Computer and Video Games that Quantic Dream’s latest project may be one of two major game announcements at Sony’s E3 press conference on Monday, June 4.  The founder of the studio, David Cage, may reportedly make an appearance to debut whatever the studio has been working on since its previous release’s success.  Details are scarce, and the developer may even be tackling two projects at the moment, though it is unknown what will be shown.  Still, this is great news for fans of Quantic and Sony, as the company might finally be able to debut a relative surprise at its conference.

Gamers can likely expect the “Kara” tech demo from March to factor into the announcement.  After the impressive showing at this year’s Game Developers Conference, many have been eagerly awaiting to see what the impressive video will result in, and it looks like they will not have to wait long to find out.  For those who didn’t have the chance to see the video (you really should, it’s quite impressive), the demo focused on an android being pieced together only to become self-aware when provided with her name, Kara.  It’s a moving short film and indicative of the technical advances Quantic Dream has made even in the short time since Heavy Rain released.

I actually finished Heavy Rain only a couple of days ago (something can only remain in a backlog for so long), and I came away largely impressed by what Quantic Dream had put together.  Sure, the voice acting faltered on a frequent basis (“Origami” isn’t that difficult a word to pronounce correctly, right?), but the risks taken in both narrative and gameplay helped to form a wholly enjoyable experience that I would like to see more than every few years.  The story felt mature – not just in the sense of the rating – and if the studio’s advances in animation can be combined with emotionally affective storytelling, they may have another hit on the way.  I’ll certainly be looking forward to whatever the possible reveal turns out to be, and Sony fans should all be happy to see more from a studio willing to take chances like Quantic Dream.

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  1. Quantic Dream is definitely a different kind of studio, but I thoroughly enjoy their way of telling a story. I don’t want every game to be like Heavy Rain, but I wish there were more in the genre. Can’t wait to see what they’re planning to announce!