Microsoft’s E3 conference unveiled a new partnership with Nike to bring the world Nike+ Kinect Training. This is a new program or training application built off the super solid Nike+ experience and tailored for the living rooms of Xbox 360 owners. Nike+ Kinect Training is a Kinect exclusive and will feature Nike trainers who work with some of the world’s top athletes. Nike+ Kinect promises customizable training for any athlete on any level.

The customization will be based off assessments of your physical strength, athleticism and body movement. This helps the program build a customer workout plan for each and every type of person. Nike also promises real time feedback to give the user super accurate positions and movements. The program evolves with the user which will help keep things fresh and reach your goal sooner.

“By combining Nike’s understanding and knowledge of great athletes with the powerful technology of Kinect, we have created a personal training program unlike anything currently available,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of Marketing and Strategy of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “Kinect becomes the eyes for ‘Nike+ Kinect Training’ instructors, bringing a new level of engagement and personalization to the program that blurs the lines between a personal training session and a game.”

The program also promises a competitive challenge mode allowing players to communicate and a mobile app to to help keep track and stay motivated. If you are looking to go pro or just take on the Sunday rec league, Nike+ Kinect Training should have you covered.

I am a huge fan of the Nike+ program and the amount of motivation was pretty amazing. Each milestone I hit had some type of award or video. The Nike+ website displayed all of my stats and compared them to friends and others all over the world. Seeing that Nike+ Kinect Training is developed along side the original Nike+ this program has a chance to be very cool and beneficial.