Nintendo’s E3 press conference announced that Batman: Arkham City would be coming to the Wii U as Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition. There has been mention of this previously and most of us assumed a mere port of the 2011 smash hit would be announced. It seems like we may have been a little off the mark because the Wii U exclusive Armored Edition will utilize the GamePad touchscreen.

BAT mode was shown off which is set to enhance the in game fights. This is a touch game where each properly timed tap on the touchscreen adds to a damage meter. Once a player has filled the meter a quick tap will unleash a powerful attack. Both armored versions of Batman and Catwomen will be available right out of the box with the Wii U version.

Another enhancement for the Armored Edition allows players to use gadgets via the touchscreen. A player could ignite explosive gel or utilize a different tool with nothing more than a single tap. The ability to control one’s Batarang with the GamepPad’s motion control could be a very cool feature.

This title looks on par with the release last year but will adding these new features be enough to bring players back into Arkham City? Only time will tell as the release of the Wii U nears.