The Electronic Arts (EA) pre-E3 2012 press conference held plenty of interest for sports fans. Social network integration in video games is becoming a prominent trend and EA Sports is looking to capitalize on this by expanding its popular Football Club function in FIFA 13 into a global social network, one that promises to better connect players and their team of choice, and to offer a host of bonuses for returning FIFA players. If you’re a soccer fan who is keenly awaiting the next FIFA game, these improvemernts to the Football Club should be of great interest.

The EA Sports Football Club has acted as a membership-based social and media hub for FIFA players, offering them a way to interact with other soccer enthusiasts, read up on real-world soccer events and  post their accomplishments online to drive competition between friends. The new features in the Football Club emphasize connecitvity across multiple platforms and devices, and this will start with a Football Club app for iOS that allows users to access their club stats, friend pages and a host of additional content. An app for Android devices is scheduled at a later date. Additionally, the Foodball Club will also include support for the mobile FIFA 13 game, scheduled for release on iOS and Android.

Those who played FIFA 12 will also have added benefits, including the ability to transfer their Football Club level and experience points into the new game, as well as access to bonus items from the new EA Sports Football Club Catalogue. Additionally, you can earn credts through playing matches to unlock a wealth of game-enhancing extras. The aforementioned iOS app will allows members to check in on their own stats, see what friends are doing and take part in live auctions. The social media integration also includes the ability to post details of their matches, player signings and other victories to Facebook.

These new features on the EA Sports Football Club are set to launch with the release of FIFA 13 in the fall. The release date has yet to be confirmed.