Re-releasing older video games on modern game consoles has become a common practice nowadays, however the quality and value can sometimes be questionable. Does an high-definition visual upgrade and a few bonus additions justify purchasing a game all over again? If you’re a fan of Doom 3, the recent announcement of the “BFG Edition” re-release might make that a very easy question to answer. With Bethesda and id Software at the helm, this new edition boasts a host of improvements and additional content sure to please veterans and newcomers alike. There has never been a better time to experience this stylish and terrifying first-person shooter adventure.

Taking place on Mars, after a teleportation experiment literally opens the gates of hell, you fill the boots of a nameless marine who must fend off hordes of demons and monsters as well as military personnel and scientists who have been turned into vicious zombies that will attack without hesitation. Taking place in cramped corridors, darkened rooms and even the depths of hell itself, the plot is advanced through dialogue, cut scenes and emails. What you get is an interesting, quite dramatic story that gives a purpose to all the bloodshed, and plenty of bloodshed there is. You have a variety of weapons at your disposal, ranging from high-powered assault rifles and shotguns, to plasma guns that cause even more damage.

The BFG Edition of Doom 3 will contain the original game in it’s entirety, including both the single-player campaign and online multiplayer modes, as well as the previously released “Resurrection of Evil” expansion. New additions to the BFG Edition include “The Lost Mission”, a brand new single-player expansion, as well as a new checkpoint-based save system and the ability to hold a flashlight while holding a weapon. As an added bonus, Doom and Doom II will also be included. Visually, the game boasts enhanced high-definition graphics which have been re-done for this edition, as well as full 3D support. Though not formally announced, we can assume that trophy and achievement support will also be included.

The Doom 3 BFG Edition is schedule for a late 2012 release, the exact date to be determined, and will be available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. To view the announcement trailer, set the mood by turning out the lights, hold your breath and click the video link below.


  1. I can’t wait to finally play Doom 3 on my 360 when this version comes out, but I’m left wondering, do the included Doom 1 & 2 games have online co-op? Also curious if they’d be compatible with the standalone XBLA versions that already exist.