Oh Snake, you might be suffering from accelerated aging on account of you being a clone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still kick butt and smoke like cancer isn’t a thing. The most macho of the machismo cosplayers out there may scoff at your snow white locks and shy away from wrinkles, but a dedicated craftsman doesn’t run from a challenge. No, he embraces it and makes it shine. Such is Vernedead’s way, and he is all the better for it.

He offers precious few details about this cosplay’s construction (none, virtually), but you can clearly see that Snake’s Octocamo is much more than tufts of foam sewn to a wetsuit. I love how it contours with his movements and varies in its thickness, sloping at joints in an excellent mimicry of muscle mass. The wig and aging makeup convey such a sense of dedication to detail that fans could easily just let themselves believe that this is Snake for a while.

Vernedead does admit that his wife offered some assistance, but it’s impossible to know just how much.  Regardless, it’s a great addition to the gallery of stunning MGS cosplay.