Last December, we carted the family up to my mother-in-law’s house in the Adirondacks. She was extremely gracious about allowing me to bring up the Xbox 360 and connecting it to the one television in the house, but I felt guilty nonetheless. Sure, I was playing a game for work, but still. One television vs six people in the house isn’t really the best scenario for gaming. Carting up my own TV wasn’t exactly a reasonable scenario, though. For situations like these and others, Project GAEMS developed their all-in-one personal gaming setup called the G155 Sentry.

I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve seen those little screens with the crummy speakers that clip on to the back of the console.” Truth be told, that’s kind of what I was expecting when I first heard about the device. Even after I saw pictures of the protective clamshell design, I still wasn’t convinced. They say that seeing is believing, and in this case “they” would be correct.

The G155 Sentry is an ultra-rugged, extremely durable carrying case that includes a 15.5 inch 720p LED display (60 Hz refresh) and two speakers that were powerful and clear enough to be easily distinguishable over the din of the E3 show floor. Additionally, the unit provides amazing cable management, comes with an HDMI cable and even includes handy, breathable pouches for power bricks, controllers and more. Additionally, the unit features two headphone jacks so two people can play at once without disturbing the family.

GAEMS also makes a point to showcase how well the units work for deployed military. The device meets size restrictions for Naval vessels and barracks, keeps sand and dust away from components and is durable enough to withstand abuse. We know from working with our friends over at Operation Supply Drop that there is a great deal of interest in gaming on military bases. Everyone needs some digital R&R, after all. What better way to protect the investment?

You’ll need two open outlets in order to make use of the Sentry, with one powering the screen and the other powering the console. Your Xbox 360 or PS3 gets plugged into the unit, though, so there aren’t any holes for debris or water to get in. Your console sits on a heavy foam pad, which balances the outer toughness with a cradle for your gaming gear.

For those that simply must have a 1080p screen, you might be interested in the next evolution of the product line. The G190 Vanguard ups the ante, packing in a 19-inch 1080p screen without increasing the footprint of the unit. The speakers are even more powerful than those in the Sentry, and the whole thing is simply gorgeous to look at. The Vanguard will also feature a number of cosmetic improves like metal accents and a thicker carrying handle.

You can buy the G155 Sentry now from a Microsoft Store or Project GAEMS directly for $249.99. There are also accessories like game-themed skins (the Mass Effect¬†design was particularly beautiful), a remote control and bag that will allow you to carry additional accessories along with your carrying case. We’re hoping to have a review unit soon, so we can give you the rundown on carrying comfort, long-term use, screen fidelity, audio (in a conventional rather than convention setting) and more.