Winner: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Why we picked it: Strategy games have typically appealed to a very specific type of gamer. They are usually deeply complex, sometimes inscrutable, experiences that have the tendency to turn into plodding grind-fests that most gamers don’t see through to the end. While XCOM: Enemy Unkown will retain that level of depth, the team at Firaxis has somehow managed to balance it with accessibility and visual appeal that will likely draw new players to the genre. As we mentioned previously, this is one of the most active and engaging strategy titles ever developed, managing to create a level of tension that simply hasn’t ever been achieved before. The threat of losing a veteran combatant (no Phoenix Downs here) or, possibly, the entire game, lurks over every decision. Time is precious, research is critical and the populous is afraid. We’re losing the war against the alien invaders. This October, we’ll start winning it.

Check out the E3 trailer for our Best of Show award winner here:



There you have it folks, another year, another slate of fantastic games that you want to play now but can’t. If you hear anyone saying that this year’s E3 was a disappointment, kindly look at them, shake your head and drool over this small portion of the solid titles that the industry will be delivering over the next 12 – 18 months.


    • Couple of reasons we didn’t include Watch Dogs as much as I loved the behind closed door demo.

      1) Ubisoft is being very cagey about platforms. Makes it hard to compare against other titles.

      2) It’s unclear how much we saw was game and how much we saw was proof of concept. Again, this is really looking like a next-gen title despite what Ubi is saying.

      3) We’ll have another chance to give it some awards next year. Remember, some early games end up fizzling. Just look at Rainbow Six Patriots… We prefer to give awards to games that are far enough underway that release is almost guaranteed.