Wii Fit U is the next installment of the successful Wii Fit series.  Those that couldn’t get enough in the first two games will love many of the new features that Wii Fit U is going to include.

New features include the use of a portable Fit Meter (pedometer) to track steps taken when not playing the game, as well as the ability to do many exercises while looking at the Wii U GamePad instead of the TV.  Because the player can do many in game activities off the Wii U GamePad it will be possible for the user to watch TV as well as work out.

On the E3 show floor Nintendo was showing off many new mini-games that will be included in Wii Fit U and I had a chance to sample them all.

The first game was a mini game based on shooting water through a hose at enemies.  The job of the player in this game is to hold the Wii U GamePad up to aim (off the built in screen) at foes by physically moving the controller around.  A larger view can be seen on the TV screen, but it is more for a general feel of what’s going on while the action on the GamePad takes place in first person.

To spray water an enemies the player needs to do a lunge on the Wii Balance Board.  Doing so will start the hose up and the game will award the player with points for hitting the incoming Mii’s.  Some Mii’s, covered in a massive pile of mud, require a hard lunge on the Balance Board in order to shoot a large glob of water to defeat them.  Mii’s will also attack the player by throwing mud balls them.  This game keeps track of the player’s score.

A game based on being a waiter was next.  The objective in this game is to bring specific food and drinks to different people in a restaurant.  This sounds easy, but it was the most difficult game in the bunch.

The dining area is a big square room with several circular tables in the center.  Each table has multiple customers.  The objective is to walk to a corner of the room, where the cooks are, and to pick up the food before walking it over to the correct customer.

Walking is performed by shifting weight left and right on the Wii Balance Board.  The tricky part is not spilling, or dropping, the food.  The player must also hold the Wii U GamePad flat and tilting it could result in dropped food.  If food is dropped the player must return to a chef in order to get more.  This game also has a scoring system.

The trampoline mini-game was a ton of fun.  This game scores players on how high and how many times they jump on a trampoline within the given time limit.  The TV screen displays a back view of the player’s Mii while the Wii U GamePad gives an aerial view of the Mii.  The view on the Wii U GamePad ended up being more important and I couldn’t find any value in looking at the TV screen.

To jump the player needs to bend their knees and push up at the right moment for maximum height.  Successive jumps adds to the player’s score, and to their overall height.  While falling back towards the trampoline the player needs to aim for the center by leaning around to readjust their Mii after each jump.

The luge was another favorite of mine.  This game only requires the use of the balance board.  Leaning back increases speed and leaning left or right turns the player’s sled in the corresponding direction.

The game scores the player based on time, but just going fast won’t work.  Some of the turns are sharp and the player needs to slow down, working those abs, to make the turns at the best pace.

The last game shown was based on rowing.  This game can be played by sitting on the Balance Board or by sitting in a chair with the player’s feet on the Balance Board.  Nintendo seemed to be focusing on the chair sitting controls, and that is what my experience is based on.

The key to this game is to row in time with the rest of the team.  In this game, it’s important to lean forward and back at the correct times.  The player must also move their arms in and out while twisting a Wii Remote Plus, acting as the oar, in the correct way.

This may sound a bit complicated, but after I was able to establish a rhythm it wasn’t so bad.  The final stretch of the race increases the pace, and when it’s all over a final time is displayed.

My favorite games in the bunch were the luge and the trampoline.  Wii Fit U is shaping up to be an excellent title and one that I’m sure the casual audience will eat up.  Even if it isn’t a core title, some players may be interested in picking this up for the fun mini-games that will be included in the package, or just to stay in shape.

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