It seems as though the server issues that players are experiencing with Diablo III aren’t simply inconvenient to those who want to play the game: they may lead to legal action as well.

Owners of PC cafes, as well as gamers, in Korea are currently banding together on a website created by the Korean Internet and PC Culture Association (IPCA) that calls for legal action against Blizzard due to the major server issues that are plaguing the game. The justification behind the movement is that the owners of these PC cafes have recently begun paying money out to the company for a game that, frequently, their patrons are unable to play. They had initially been allowed to install the game for free when it launched, but as of June 2nd, they had to start paying royalties to Blizzard for use of the game.

Dishing out money to a company for a game that is frequently unplayable is, you can imagine, an extremely frustrating situation for the PC cafe owners to be in. Worse, according to the Korean branch of Blizzard, they sometimes must wait for confirmation from the American office before they are allowed to reopen the game’s servers after maintenance. Being blamed for a problem that isn’t always in their control must be extremely frustrating for Blizzard Korea, and at this point, Diablo III really doesn’t need any more negative press. As it stands, the company’s Korean branch is already in trouble, as late last month, they came under fire from the country’s Fair Trade Commission after they were accused of not refunding Koreans who purchased the game and became frustrated with the constant server issues.

As it stands right now, it seems as though maybe the game would have been better off remaining in development for a few more months, until such frequent server shutdowns were no longer necessary.