Good news for fans of 2D platformers (I can’t be the only one still, right?), upcoming downloadable title Pid has found a publisher as it gears up for release.

D3Publisher (D3P) has picked up the title, and will launch it on Xbox Live Arcade later this summer.  Pid will also be made available on the PlayStation Network and on PCs through Steam.

The game comes from Might and Delight as the studio’s first title, though its personnel have plenty of experience.  Members of the team have previously worked on Mirror’s Edge, the Killzone franchise and Bionic Commando Rearmed, one of the more impressive 2D downloadable titles of this generation.

For those unaware of this project, Pid is a delightful platformer that focuses on a small boy, Kurt, whose intergalactic bus crashes on a mysterious planet during a ride through space.  Exploring this alien world, Kurt looks to find a way home but discovers much more along the way.  Using beams of light, Kurt traverses the landscape, avoiding enemies and pitfalls as he makes his way through each stylized level.  For more info on the game, read my hands-on from E3, and for a better idea of how the game’s unique platforming hook operates, here is a preview video.