There was a reason we didn’t often play games online over the Wii. Well, the fact that not very many Wii games actually allowed online play was a big detriment. But no, I’m talking about those long, convoluted friend codes, the ones you couldn’t play without. If you wanted to play online with someone, you better hope you had that 16-digit code, otherwise, you were out of luck.

At the beginning of May, we, (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me), covered a rumour that suggested that the Wii U would feature something more along the lines of the Street Pass system that can be found on the 3DS. Well, it seems maybe I was a bit o’er-hasty. Yesterday, in a talk with Kotaku, the head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that the Wii U will still carry the friend code system, but that it would be much more user-friendly than what is in place right now.

He didn’t specifically lay bare what the new system would be like, but he mentioned that there different levels of interaction between people you had friend codes for, and the general population. He answered a few other questions about the console as well, so if you haven’t seen the interview already, you should go check it out.

via [Kotaku]