Earlier today, we saw a rumor that indicated the impending conclusion of the licensing relationship between THQ and the WWE. The concern was spurred on by the departure of Marcus Stephenson, community manager for WWE Games at THQ and the absence of B. Chambers, the franchise’s art director.

We reached out to THQ for clarification and comment. During a conversation with a company representative, RipTen was told that the relationship between THQ and the WWE has “never been stronger.” Furthermore, the rollout of the cover for this year’s entry was a huge success, with CM Punk gracing the box art. The official statement we received following the conversation is as follows:

We are extremely pleased with our relationship with the WWE, and have an exclusive license for the brand through 2017.   Our recent videogame cover reveal for WWE ’13 on Monday Night Raw airing May 28, as well as WWE Superstar Sheamus’ recent appearance at E3 showcase examples of how well we are working collaboratively with the WWE.

This is further substantiated by the recent 10-K SEC filing, which confirms the arrangement between the WWE and THQ to exist though 2017 (an eight-year extension of the original agreement expiring in 2009).

Wrestling fans can rest easy knowing that this fall’s entry in the recently rebranded WWE franchise won’t be the last from THQ.


  1. I hope THQ can get back on it’s feet. It had some people with poor business sense running the place for a while now, but it’s possible that they can turn it around. Having the WWE games will prob help financially.

      •  WWE still sells quite a few units. THQ should start recognizing it’s important brands though and boost up the dev teams behind them. Volition has been doing VERY well for THQ for a while now and THQ doesn’t seem to give them enough praise.

  2. Oh Boy. I wished EA or 2KSports pickuped the WWF license. WWE games from THQ are becoming more and more boring.