Atlus has recently released a new video tutorial for some of the key techniques and quirks of Persona 4 Arena, which is finally going to be coming out August 7th. The video, linked below, goes over some of the standard aspects of any fighting game like blocking and air recovery, but quickly begins to go over some of the things that makes Persona 4 Arena different.

For example, did you know that the game has status effects in it? Characters can be poisoned (their health slowly drains), shocked (makes it so your character can’t move), put into a state of rage (makes your character unable to block) or panic (controls are reversed), and so much more. Status effects sound like they’re going to be a pretty big part of the game, and their effects are certainly nothing to laugh at! Either way, Persona 4 Arena looks to be a lot of fun from the videos that I’ve seen so far, and considering how much I enjoyed playing the original Persona 4, I’m glad to be able to have some fun with the same characters again.