If you played any amount of Civilization IV you know that the mod community created some fantastic stuff for that game. In fact, some of the mods were so great that they were one of the main features of the “Beyond the Sword” expansion for the game. Whether it was the space-themed “Final Frontier,” the fantasy-inspired “Fall From Heaven: Age of Ice,” or the “AfterWorld” scenario that turned Civ IV into a squad based tactics game in the style of X-Com, Firaxis has been encouraging of the modding community.

If there was any doubt in your mind that this was true, behold today’s Steam update that allows mod to be installed to Civilization V through the ever growing Steam Workshop.

Already in the few hours that the integration has gone live, there are simple mods that add a Middle-Earth and Westeros map and the Pastafarian religion, aesthetic ones that add custom building models, and- most impressively- a total conversion with a WWII theme.

While I’m excited to see what creative mods will come up out of the community, this also serves to get me excited about the Steam Workshop in general. Along with the Steam client, the Workshop helps to create PC gaming- and the advantages of it- much more accessible. Ideally, this will attract more players to the PC platform and encourage developers to port their games to it. Long live the PC!

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