If you’ve been as unfortunate as I have and been deemed unworthy to participate in the DOTA 2 beta, you can now bypass Valve’s screening process by giving them money. Like slipping the bouncer at the club entrance a Jackson to avoid the line, you can now hand Gabe Newell $39.99 to get into the raver that is the DOTA 2 beta.

To be fair, it’s not quite as seedy as I’ve framed it. As we reported two weeks ago, DOTA 2 was confirmed as a free-to-play game that gives complete access to heroes, skills, inventory, and levels perks. The DOTA Store will provide mostly cosmetic items, though it will also sell description tags, treasure keys, name tags and other products that should be familiar if you’ve spent any time playing Team Fortress 2. Purchasing a beta invite will not only grant you access to the beta, but also provide you with nine of the cosmetic store items. If you were to buy all the items at once, it would cost you a total of $17- effectively making you pay $23 for early access. While no one but you can determine how much value that early access is, keep in mind that the game will be free later this year.

Though no official release date for the game has been set, it’s not hard to imagine that the DOTA 2 championships occurring at this year’s PAX Prime will be an opportune event to get fans excited for the title and follow it with a release on PC and Mac.

You can check out the DOTA 2 invite and the rest of the DOTA Store here.


  1. A very disappointing move on valves part. You have to pay for something others have been and still are getting for free. Talk about cheated.