Finally, The Last Story is coming to North America thanks to the fine folks at XSEED Games.  We’ll likely never know how effective the fan movement known as Operation Rainfall was in convincing the powers that be to get this title, along with Xenoblade Chronicles, localized, but I’m excited.

I had a chance to take a look at The Last Story at E3 last week via a via a developer walkthrough demonstration.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my own personal hands on time with the title, so my thoughts will stay brief.

The Last Story is an RPG that appears to place the player in different stages or situations.  Their character also has lives and will re-spawn at various checkpoints upon death, but they will keep all of their experience up until that point.

One of the key features that makes The Last Story interesting is its real time combat system.  It’s possible to scope out an area before attacking to see what enemies are ahead.  Then it’s up to the player to decide how to proceed.  Options include just barging in, sneaking around back to take out some casters and likely many more options.  I thought this type of combat sounded extremely interesting, and the options will likely vary greatly depending on the enemy types and the terrain.

In The Last Story, the player will assume the role of only one specific character, but I was told there are a few times within the story where different characters, or groups of them, go off to do their own thing.  During these split segments, it will be necessary to play as these different characters in order to progress the story.

The Last Story also features some character customization in the form of dyeing different clothes and armor in a style that suits the individual player.  This customized gear can then be seen during the in-engine cut scenes, so the overall feel of the game remains unique and special for each player.

I was also briefly informed of the online multiplayer in The Last Story.  This mode apparently takes place independently of the single player campaign, but the player can bring their single player characters over to work as a team with friends to acquire weapons and gear that are otherwise unobtainable.  Sounds neat.

I’m excited for The Last Story.  Based on the reviews I’ve seen around the globe, as The Last Story has been released in most major regions already, it is one that Wii owners should be watching.  The Last Story may be one of the last great tales on the system before the launch of the Wii U.

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