Some of Nintendo’s landmark franchises have been celebrating milestones lately, with both the Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda series turning 25 in 2011. Nintendo predictably released a special 25th anniversary collection for Mario, which was simply a port of Super Mario All-Stars and a few token additions, however Zelda fans were treated to a wonderful symphonic concert tour. In the spirit of honouring longevity, Nintendo has just confirmed the upcoming release of a commemorative collection for the Kirby series on the Wii, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. If you’re a fan of the series, especially the old school titles, this collection is definitely worth taking note of.

The collection contains every Kirby game released between 1992 and  2000, six in total, beginning with Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy and ending with Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards for the Nintendo 64. Those two games bookend the heyday for the pink puffster as he transitioned across three console generations. Those who missed these games the first time around are well advised to pick up this collection on release. Also included is the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System debut  Kirby’s Adventure, the Game Boy-exclusive Kirby’s Dream Land 2, the excellent Kirby’s Super Star, which boasted eight separate games and introduced multiplayer to the series, and Kirby’s Dream Land 3 for the Super Nintendo.

It has not been confirmed what technical enhancements, if any, will be made to any of the games, though it’s a fair assumption that the collection will go the route of the Super Mario 25th Anniversary Collection and contain ROM ports.  The likely selling point will be the packaging and extras included, as well as the “More Challenge Mode” that will add a few extra stages. It’s also worth noting that four out of the six games have been re-released for Nintendo’s Wii and 3DS (in the case of Kirby’s Dream Land) Virtual Consoles. Hopefully Nintendo gives us incentive to re-purchase these games by offering a smart looking package.

The Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection is scheduled for release on July 19, 2012 in Japan, with a North American release following in September as a Wii exclusive. The MSRP has yet to be confirmed.