This week on WTD Android – we look at games? See, a week off and nothing changes.

Magic Portals ($.99)

The wizard from Trine and Portal had a baby. Magic Portals is what they named it. As with all puzzle platformers on portable devices now, the level select is familiar and the levels are quick and to the point. What makes this game shine is the puzzles that can be had with the portaling aspect of your mage. While it may not ever be as complicated as Portal can get, the idea and feeling is the same. Shooting portals around a map to solve each puzzle gets challenging quick, and a free version is available if you don’t want to spend the dollar up front.

Cardboard Castle ($1.99)

Cardboard Castle is a storybook style puzzler. You guide a knight on his epic quest by using the pieces of the environment found along the way. Need to make a bridge? Kill an opposing knight, take his axe, chop down a tree and lay it out as a bridge. With enjoyable puzzles and a fantastic art style this one is an easy recommendation.

Max Payne Mobile ($2.99)

Words cannot express my love for the first Max Payne. Something about the rough, constipated look, bullet time and gritty noir setting all came together for me. Now I can play it on the “go” if you catch my drift. There is no reason you should put off getting down on this, our own Chris Carlson has been playing it and has nothing but positivity to spew about the translation. Get gritty my friends!

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