Last week we took a little breather from WTD and this week we get right back on the choo-choo. To start we are going to get epic.

Epic Astro Story ($3.99)

Epic Astro Story is something akin to Theme Hospital and Civilization… IN SPAAAACE. The user and critical reviews have both been outstanding and the game hearkens back to the good old days where games were thought provoking. You’ll need to build up a thriving frontier that will entice aliens to come to your little chunk of rock from all over Alpha Centauri on vacation. While this style of game may not be brand new on your portable gaming machine – it is so finely polished and well done it deserves your attention, all weekend. (p.s. Women folks – Fathers Day is Sunday and what a great surprise to find on their iPad once they wake up)

Swordigo ($1.99)

Say adios to two bucks, boys and girls. Swordigo is taking the iPad by storm. Traditional platforming and adventure staples are here with the ability to gain experience and level up. You aren’t playing this game for the story though, you are in it for tight controls and traditional platform/hacking stuff, somewhat like Wizards & Warriors for my older gaming friends out there. With plenty of content, customization controls and an art style that, at least I’m a fan of, you can’t spend two bucks in a much better way.

Profit Goblin (Free)

I’m breaking my own rules a little here folks, this is not a game, but an important app for a fairly popular game. Say what you will about Diablo III, I’m planning on buying a yacht once I finish selling all my hot loots on the RMAH (Real Money Auction House). With Profit Goblin I was able to better understand what model of yacht I could afford. You see, PayPal and Blizzard both want to cash in on your hard work, so selling something for 250 bucks online ends up at 180.62 in your PayPal account as you can see from the example above. Still, getting paid to play video games is great! With some hard work, you can be just like me! (Broke and wondering where all the good loot is dropping, because it’s not in my game).

Enjoy this weeks WTD and as always, I beg again, comment below and let me know where the articles should go. Are you guys reading it and jumping in on some of the stuff or does this feel like free advertising? I want to know what you guys think and I want to be sure this is a weekly feature that is built for your desires, let us know here or hit me @TheCGravelle on twitter and let me know where it should go.