If you can’t wait for the release of Watch Dogs to get started with mobile hacking, Introversion Software has you covered. Uplink was released for iOS and will be coming soon for Android. Here’s the trailer:

Released in 2001, Uplink is a hacking simulator where you attempt to steal corporate information, identities, and money, change grades, and various other digital crimes all while trying to avoid being caught by the law and other hackers. The game avoids the actual complexities of computer crimes (thankfully) and instead uses a GUI more akin to the dramatic renditions of hacking that you see in television shows and movies. While I can’t speak for the mobile version of the game, the PC one holds up great both graphically and mechanically.

Based in the U.K., Introversion Software is an independent development studio that has released DEFCON, Darwinia, Multiwinia, and is working developing Prison Architect.