Futuristic 2D action adventure title Awesomenauts is set for some updates and fixes in the coming weeks. Our Korean friends will finally see Awesomenauts released for PSN on June 20th. A very cool giveaway has also been announced via the Romino Games Facebook page.

Players will see an update to the Voltars’ drones. Their maximum damage is too high so the base health will be reduced and Force Field will be replaced with a blinding shot. The death of a drone will now also cause an explosion that deals some damage. The second shot item will also be changing to an item that will increase their effectiveness when exploding. These changes can only help the drones be more supportive and defensive.

Fans of the character Leon will now have the ability to upgrade the tongue ability at the cost of melee damage. Power pill turbo items will now be replaced by a slight health increase that is single use and free. This is geared toward the players who want a little more earlier on in the game and are willing to sacrifice possible goodies later on. Lonestar’s Bull Speed upgrade will be replaced by an item that explodes on death dealing a significant amount of damage.

The patch does not have a concrete releases date yet. The known connectivity issues have proven to be more difficult than originally anticipated.

Two other subtle changes will also take place. Players will now notice the NAT type displayed on the game session setup screen. Previously those with strict or moderate NAT settings were having some connectivity issues, but this patch should improve that for some. If not, there is always the option to adjust your router settings for optimal connectivity.

Last but definitely not least is the awesome giveaway taking place on the Ronimo Games Facebook page. Kyozokicks has supplied an awesome pair of sneakers for the contest. Entering to win is as simple as following Ronimo Games on Twitter or liking them on Facebook. Check out a picture of the killer kicks below.

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