Wow. In a blog post today over at Capcom Unity, Seth Killian, Capcom’s long time community manager, announced his departure from the fighting game giant. I’m practically speechless, and didn’t see this coming at all. Seth was someone that I had gotten to meet and talk to a few times while I was at various events, and the one thing that always amazed me about him was his passion for not only Street Fighter, but his genuine interest and devotion to the fighting game community that he came from.

Seth was a tournament player for Street Fighter games in the 1990s, and eventually got to work for the company that makes the games he loves. If there’s a better example of working hard and achieving your dreams, I’d honestly be amazed. Seth was something of an inspiration to me. But enough of me complimenting the man. I want to share my favorite part of his post, where he talks about the community.

And finally, to the FGC: In no uncertain terms, you have been my reason for everything. A game can be incredible, but it’s the players and where they take it that elevate it into legend. Both as individuals and as a group, you have taught me more than I could have ever thought possible. Every hour on the road and every air mile towards my first million doesn’t begin to repay the debt I feel to all of you. You are a family to me. Today, the community is strong, and growing stronger. We fight, we make mistakes, we argue, and we compete but in the end we have each other. To you, I can only say “thank you.” You continue to electrify the world and show the power not just of a game, but of a living, breathing community. Strive to be your best selves, to share our magic with the next generation, and above all else, take care of each other. We are a family.

The complete statement can be found here.

Seth, I hope that whatever you decide to do from here works out completely. I have nothing but respect for you, and I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. Godspeed.

via [EventHubs]