In a blog post on the website for Iron Galaxy Studios, the company that was responsible for bringing Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, they’ve outlined a ton of information in regards to an upcoming title update to Street Fighter 3: SOE as well as what they’re still looking into, what they aren’t going to change, and what they are hoping to be able to update in the next patch. Looking into this post is interesting, as it shows that the team really is listening to players feedback on even the most minute details. This post reads more like an outline as for what the team has in store for the future, and keep in mind that none of these changes are 100% confirmed for the next patch. Here are some of the things the team is hoping to be able to include within the next title update:

Things we are confident we can fix:

  • Replacing Ping Colors with actual numbers (in milliseconds)
  • Matchmaking filters for region (can be set to same region you are in, or “any region”) & ping time
  • Lobby can be restricted to players from same region as you, or any region
  • EX Bars correct length
  • Improved Netcode (I talked about this a bit during the panel, if you want more details please refer to that)
  • Max 8 lobbies visible bug on PS3
  • Disable Stun as a Training Option
  • Rounds and Time Settings affect Arcade
  • Default Gill to “banned” in Player Match
  • Multi-match modes retains player’s super choice
  • Rank Cap resetting to 0
  • Option to disable the Challenge HUD from the sides in modes where they are visible

There’s a lot more information on the actual blog post, and I strongly recommend reading over the section where they discuss what won’t be changed and their explanations for it. Either way, it’s great to see that there’s still a group of people playing the game they love even though newer iterations have come out. It takes some serious dedication, which is something I can always admire.