If it’s possible, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is looking even better than it did when I previewed the game at E3 just two weeks ago. Neocore Games has been hard at work creating the quippy adventure starting the son of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. With both sword and gun at his disposal, the young adventurer will encounter enemies that are at once familiar and strange.

Neocore has, so far, done a fantastic job of balancing the known with the original. This includes the setting of Borgovia, which is a completely fabricated place with hints of 19th century Budapest (the studio’s home). The creatures are reminiscent of the vampires, mutants and mummies we grew up with, but the art is original enough to surprise me every time I see something new from the team.

While The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is still a ways off, I have great hopes that it will be another indie gem, rising to a place of honor in the pantheon of action RPG legends. We’ll know more as the game progresses through development. For now, feast your eyes on the first batch of screenshots.