I’ve always had a passing interest in Yu-Gi-Oh!. The anime was terrible in my opinion, but it did do card gaming some justice in it’s incredibly verbose card duels. As the resident card game nerd here I felt I needed to get the word out that Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM could be the game that gets non-fans into some card gaming.

As a Facebook game, don’t expect depth. Odd to say I know, considering the overly complicated rules of the traditional game, but with a casual and fast-paced gaming focus in BAM, even your Mom could get on and blast your face off. (Or whatever they do in Yu-Gi-Oh!) With casual card games like this, the true draw of the genre is usually left by the wayside; the collecting and deck building. BAM don’t play that way, fool. They made sure you can buy or win additional cards to get your customized deck up to speed.

With the connectivity of Facebook, you and all your friends, from work, high-school (which are on there to just be polite) and your family can start figuring out what all these kids have been so crazy for for so long. With simple rules and shorter play times, now may be the perfect time to give CCGs a shot. Worst case scenario, all your friends will see right at the top of your feed that you are a Yu-Gi-Oh! nerd, showing them just how secure you are in your hobby of choice.



    • I gave it credit where credit was due. It did justice to the source – but being hindered by having to fit inside the box took out some of the greatness. I watched it – but all I could ever feel is this is the best card game based anime out there, but can’t hold up to Record of the Lodoss Wars or some of the others I loved back in the day. Sorry to be lame. You opinion is factually correct though!