Last week, announced their sponsorship for the 10th annual Tankfest. The award winning publisher and developer of World of Tanks will again be the official games sponsor of the event. Tankfest turns 10 this year as Britain’s most established historic military show. The event is set to take place at The Bovington Tank Museum from June 30th to July 1st. will be on site with the free to play MMO World of Tanks.

The show promises a vast selection of modern and historic moving armor displays, living history, family entertainment and explosive mock battles. This year promises a Mark IV World War 1 tank in action, the debut of the Black Prince A43 Infantry Tank and the British Army in action.

“This will be the second time World of Tanks is participating to this event.  Last year’s show was truly amazing – not just for the amount of people that came to our booth, but for the variety of community players from all around Europe who came to spend time with us” said CEO Victor Kislyi. “And with over 10,000 people watching thrilling World War II tank-on-tank battles, the Tankfest is the best place to start your tank experience. It will be great to have a chat with our fans at this truly special event.”

World of Tanks first and only free-to-play MMO game based around armored warfare. Players can reenact some of the most memorable tank battles of World War 2 without even leaving their seats. The available vehicle choices exceed a staggering 150 from America, Germany, the Soviet Union and France. has received a dozen or so awards for World of Tanks and currently boasts 30 million players world wide. Next up for is the highly anticipated World of Warplanes slated for this year and 2013 is set to see their naval outing, World of Battleships hit the market.

For more info on Tankfest 2012 click here. can be found here.