Though I was in the perfect age range when the game came out, I never experienced Final Fantasy VII. It’s a videogame cultural touchstone that I’m not particularly sad on missing out, as I greatly dislike JRPGS, but it’s clearly a game that affected people deeply. It’s also one that fans have wanted an HD remake of for quite a while. While Square Eenix has never claimed to ever be developing this remake, employees from the company who are well versed in the non-committal idiosyncrasies of public relations language have led people to take quotes as gospel proof that one was being made. These rumors were further exacerbated by the FFVII tech demo released years ago that was meant to show off the technical power of the PS3.

Well, that rumor is about to fire up again with some new kindling, as Squeenix registered the domain “” four days ago and had a product description for a PC version of the game. Some of the features listed include cloud saves and achievements, seeming to imply Steam integration, though the service is not named anywhere on the page.

While it may be evidence of a re-release, it could also be just a wily intern who was given the job of redirecting the page to Squeenix’s official site and decided to have a little fun. I was able to access the site this morning, it is currently inaccessible without a username and password.

We reached out to Squeenix for comment, to which they responded

We don’t have any news or information to announce at this time

As I said, the non-committal language of PR.

You can see the Google cache page of the site with the product description here.

via [neoseeker]


  1. Weird, I was just thinking about how cool a PC/Steam reissue of some of the Final Fantasy games would be. That site sounds totally fake though.

  2. Hmm, or maybe not. Joystick is reporting that a whois shows the domain to be owned Squenix CEO Yoichi Wada. Could be legit.

  3. This not a true game….This Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core for Psp; this is the ending cut scene after Cloud wakes up after Zack Fair’s death.