Looking for something to do in PlayStation Home?  Of course you are, but that may be because most PlayStation 3 owners have rarely touched the application since its release.  What could have been a good service launched with too little too late as an interface within the PS3‘s cross-media bar that seemed unnecessary.  Every now and then, Sony releases a peculiar addition to the social platform, though No Man’s Land might be the strangest one yet.

No Man’s Land is a free-to-play shooter accessible through Home, providing users with a third-person cover-based shooter from a service they would never expect.  The game currently has two 4v4 modes available to play, a standard Team Deathmatch option and a mode called Scavengers.  Players must venture into the war-torn levels to collect salvage packs and return them to their team’s salvage dump before the other team can complete the same task.

Players can take their actual Home avatars into the fray of these modes, decking them out with armor that can be worn in both the game itself and in the Home hub.  Your created avatar’s features will remain intact, so if you ever wanted to see your spitting image in Home gunned down, here is your chance.

The game’s customization does not stop with your character’s armor.  Weapon variants permit combatants to craft the experience to suit a player’s tactics.  Cover is also a bit different than most gamers might be familiar with – players can queue up a number of cover points, allowing their character to hop from one piece of protection to another without pausing at each one.

In terms of the “freemium” part of the description, players can make in-game purchases for armor and weapon upgrades at a number of Commerce Points scattered throughout the game.  Though of course, if players want to tough it out without these easy-to-claim boosts, then they can enjoy the game for free as long as they like.

No Man’s Land is an interesting experiment that I hope gains traction if only to see what Sony and developer VEEMEE does with the title.  The game is very much a work in progress; the developer is promising frequent changes and updates to the game’s many systems to improve performance based on user feedback.  Right from the start, on this PlayStation Blog post, users can already discuss their experience and help to shape the future of the game.

I’m not sure if this is a last-ditch effort to gain some traction for Home, or if Sony believes because of the small user base they might as well try anything, but this honestly might make me use Home.  At least for a little while, I’m curious to see how sound the game is and if it has a future.  For more details and videos showing off some of the game’s mechanics, check out that PlayStation Blog post.  If you play No Man’s Land, let us know what you think about it in the comments.