Our Tera review is on the way, so don’t fret those of you that have been waiting. Today, Mr. Futter and I were having a discussion about what to do with my recent acquisition of Tera access and he somehow talked me into taking on a weekly adventure log. This is something new for me, and the site as well, and the goal is to do nothing more than give you an adventure journal of my heroic deeds through Tera. This week will be a little light as I have had little time to play it so far, but sitting on a level 9 Human Lancer gives me enough confidence to give those unitiated, yet interested, players a little insight into what the MMO is all about. En Masse entertainment has done the nearly impossible task of breaking a formula that has been accepted for almost two decades now; making MMO combat interesting.

I started my adventures by creating my character and diving into a short tutorial/prologue before landing on the Isle of Dawn to do some stuff. I’m not reading quest text, that’s not my thing, I’m not really interested in the reasons behind killing hordes of baddies, I just want their loots and the experience I gain. My character is, of course, female. Because, well, have you see the art for the females in the game? I’m shameless enough to admit that I chose her because the armor is very appropriate as she levels. The more protection it provides, the less skin it covers. I’m a man, shoot me.

Upon entering the Isle of Dawn I took on some quests to kill some things that helped me familiarize myself with the basics of the action combat system. I’m not afraid to admit that I missed my target a pretty good deal the first few minutes, but am now able to lance a boil off an orcs ass if needed. Combat pleased me in a way I thought impossible. I love fighting. Everything is active and requires your attention. After a few stabs with my lance I can hit the spacebar to fire off a powerful ability at a much faster speed than I normally could. With one of my spinning shield attacks I can follow it up with a second spin then that same lunging attack. Combat is on my terms, and I decide how I fight. Granted, I have a ton of skills to unlock yet, but they are coming at a comfortable speed that allow me time to commit them to muscle memory before adding something new.

I haven’t started on crafting yet, but I am gathering everything I see. It seems collecting also gives a short buff that increases in duration the more you gather. In the past, MMO’s have tried to reward gathering with experience or other rewards, but these small buffs help me out in combat so it makes sense that I grab what I see on my way from battle to battle. I plan to get into crafting this week and have a little insight into how that works for next Fridays ATiT! I just realized that is an inappropriate yet subtly Freudian abbreviation for this article. Wonder if it will make it through the editor. (Editor’s Note: Never let it be said that I do not have a sense of humor. ^MF)

Items drop at an alarming rate and I seem to be finding upgrades all the time. In addition I found some slots for crystals or runes that could be used to increase my abilities in combat. I found a few of these items, and they are easy to socket and take out, just right click. Making sure I don’t have to commit a crystal to an item I plan to replace soon is a welcome design choice.

The community in the game has been fantastic. Even folks with names that would get an immediate ignore in World of Warcraft such as Pen.Island, were polite, talkative and added to the conversations. Everyone is helpful, and even when I mentioned Diablo no vitriol started. We simply talked about what we liked and disliked about the game. It is almost as if adults are playing this game, and acting as such. If you are looking for an MMO with a community that is warm and welcoming, come on down, this place is rad.

If you would like to join me on my adventures, come to Dragonfall server and look up Britten. I can’t promise I’ll be on a ton, seeing as I have other games that require attention, but I do plan to work on a few levels a day/week depending on the time investment required. Hopefully next week I can cover a bit of the first dungeon at level 20 and crafting. I can promise I’ll give the game the full first month to grab me. After that, it’s up to the game. This may be a four week mini-series, or a year long journal. If you would like to hear about specifics, let me know and I’ll try to get some experience with them for each week and bring the news straight from Tera into your faces. Hopefully, this series will help those of you on the fence decide if delving into another MMO is worth it. I swore them off, but that is kind of unrealistic considering what I do for a living. Plus, you can try the game out for a week for free if you are so inclined.

Next week, I’ll bring you some screen shots from in game as I get into some interesting areas, for this week I simply provide you with the real life doppelganger of my Tera avatar.

I fell in love with Laura Allen in Terriers. Find it and watch it. One of the best shows ever.