I love me some Army of Darkness, and once again proving that the creative bandits over at Beenox are overflowing with, not only genius, but good taste, they reveal that Bruce Campbell is back!

While he won’t be in the Amazing Spider-Man reboot release set to hit theaters on July 3rd, 2012, he will be snazzying up the game as the voice behind a blimp operating extreeme reporter. His job to narrate your in-game city specific challenges, i.e. race to the top of this tower, swing over here in under 20 seconds, etc. I never cared too much for these elements in previous Spidey games, but with Bruce’s witty charm egging me on this time around, anything’s possible. Heck, I never bothered to sit through in-game training sessions until he started berating my wall crawling efforts at the start of the original Spider-Man movie games.

Check out the video below.