Of all the absences at this year’s E3, one of the most disheartening was easily The Last Guardian, the upcoming title from Fumito Ueda and Team Ico. Due to the game’s history: a lengthy development cycle coupled with frequent periods of total silence on the progress of the game, this is a title that we’ve oft feared we’d never see. After Ueda’s departure from Sony, it seemed even less likely that the game would see completion, even though we had been informed that Santa Monica Studios, among other worldwide Sony studios, had been enlisted to help with the game’s development.

In light of all that, the game’s absence from E3 this year was ominous. It hinted at the possibility that, despite trying their best, setbacks were going to keep Team Ico from completing this highly anticipated title. In a recent talk with Kotaku, however, Fumito Ueda made reassurances that the game is indeed still in the works:

“It’s been business as usual. The only things that have really changed are the terms of my contract.”

When he said ‘business as usual,’ Ueda wasn’t joking. When asked about the status of the project, Ueda said, once again, that he ‘can’t really comment on the details.’ So, we’re pretty much back where we were going into E3: we know that the game, despite it’s difficulties, is still being worked on, but we still haven’t a clue as to any other details. Looks like this is one of those games that falls under the ‘release when it’s ready’ category. Which, as a gamer, is always frustrating.

I’d just like to mention that I am aware that Eurogamer reported on the reason behind the game’s absence from E3 (citing ‘technical difficulties’) a couple of weeks ago. However, given this title’s history, a reassurance from Sony just doesn’t ease the nerves the same as one from Ueda does. Now that the man in charge has confirmed both the continued development of the game, and his own consistent presence with the rest of the team, I can rest easy once again. Hopefully this will assuage your nerves as well.

via [Kotaku]


  1. I don’t think it will be a ridiculously long amount of time before it’s released. I’m hoping to see something at TGS but I’m not counting on it, just like I’m not counting on it being out before the end of next year. However I really feel that it will. I’m guessing it will come out when it’s ready, which could be summer of next year, or maybe next winter. But whenever it comes out, the hype among the fans will make it a quick sell for them, but for the broad audience I don’t think it’s going to be a hit. TLG is pretty much the only reason I still have a TV and a PS3 hooked up to it.. just waiting for the day..