On Friday, we mentioned that the patch for the XBLA title Fez, while fixing frame-rate issues, crashes, and removing some exploits, also carried the widespread problem of corrupting save files. A post on the Ploytron blog suggested that a possible fix could be deleting your system cache, but aside from that, there was no known workaround. Well, Microsoft has decided to take things into their own hands, pulling this problematic patch from Xbox Live for the time being. Another update by Polytron stated that:

“Microsoft has pulled the patch out of LIVE for now, so at least the problem won’t affect new users. We’re trying to find out what happened and fix it as soon as possible. Like, in less than two months. YAY GAME DEVELOPMENT!”

So, if you were hoping for a solution other than the deletion of your system cache, or expected Polytron to announce that a fixed patch would be soon incoming, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not sure how a patch with such a glaring error was allowed to go live at all, but hopefully the next patch they come up with won’t have any issues. Or, at the very least, not one that forces gamers to start from scratch. That’s always frustrating.

via [GameRant]


  1. i feel bad for Polytron.  Just watched INDIE GAME: The movie last night.  Video games are the ultimate art form and indie game devs deserve more love and respect.