Major Nelson’s blog dropped a bit of info that may interest gamers who still have yet to take the “Xbox 360 plunge”. As of today Best Buy and GameStop will be carrying the $99 4GB Kinect Xbox 360 package. This pilot program that was exclusive to Microsoft stores will now be available at both retailers across the country.

Some of you may remember a few weeks back when we confirmed that select Microsoft retail stores would be offering a cheaper alternative to ponying up $250 required to own an Xbox 360. For just $99 and a two year commitment or contract, consumers could walk out with a 4GB Xbox 360 that included the Kinect peripheral.

This may be a great deal for someone who is short on the cash upfront and wants a top notch gaming experience. The real question here is will consumers bite on investing in a system that is soon to have a replacement announced and the overall cost raises some questions. By the time you add up the 2 years of service and upfront fee consumers have shelled out almost $460 dollars, which is about what 2 systems would cost you new.

What if the new Xbox is announced and released within this two year contract cycle? Am I going to be able to move on to newest Xbox without getting an early termination fee? There are a lot of questions surrounding Microsoft’s choice to drop yet another bundle option and we will make sure to keep you all informed as things unfold.

Interested consumers are urged to contact their local Best Buy or GameStop for more info on this bundle and availability.