Though Pixar has taken the animation spotlight in Disney‘s production studios in recent years, the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph looks to be warming the hearts of even the most cynical Disney fans.  Set to release on November 2, the movie tells the story of arcade video game villain Wreck-It Ralph on his quest to prove he can be a good guy.

The film, as you can see in the screenshot above, is littered with references to gaming history, but so far a tie-in has not been mentioned, until now.  Those anticipating the movie can play the classically-styled Fix-It Felix Jr., the game Ralph is the villain of, right here.  But Disney has just announced that a Wreck-It Ralph game will be released along with the film for Nintendo consoles only.

Disney Interactive, in conjunction with Activision, will be publishing the game for the Wii, 3DS and DS (no later Wii U version was mentioned).  Though the companies made no mention of a developer or released any media, the game is said to be a side-scrolling platformer.  Picking up after the film’s end, the game will let players continue the adventures of Wreck-It Ralph, hopefully with him still voiced by the hilarious John C. Reilly.  The Wii iteration will include two player co-op, but the handheld offerings will unfortunately not include this option.

Either way, the snippets of information released indicate that Disney is going about this tie-in through all the proper channels.  Nintendo consoles seem like an obvious fit for a side-scrolling platform title, and the retro leanings of the film certainly lends itself to that genre.  It also properly doesn’t hurt that Bowser makes such a prominent appearance on screen, something Nintendo probably didn’t relinquish easily.

However this deal came about, expect more details in the coming months before the game releases this fall.



  1. I see M. Bison with his back to us there as well! I don’t recognise many of the others there, but I’d say Bison and Bowser are probably the biggest names there. Maybe a Capcom vs Nintendo game is on the cards? :-)