SimCity impressed us quite a bit when EA showed it off at this year’s E3.  Though not set for release until 2013, our preview of the title should have you excited for what’s in store for this reboot.  For those who cannot wait for the upcoming reboot, fans may want to turn their direction toward Facebook, which is now home to SimCity Social.

The game, from series originator Maxis and EA Playfish, went live this week on the social network, and those with a Facebook account (so almost everyone) can begin building their own virtual cities right away.  In the hopes of separating itself from the other popular city construction title, Zynga‘s CityVille, SimCity Social will include a good vs. evil dynamic, which hopefully means you can send a few tornadoes into a friend’s city.  The game is in open beta at the moment, so expect changes to what you’ll get  down the line from when you first boot up the game.

Though I haven’t had a chance to try out the franchise’s latest experiment yet, impressions have been pouring in over the last day or so.  The social aspect of the title appears to play heavily into the title, making it less about the SimCity gameplay of the past and focusing more on completing quests, obtaining diamonds and interacting with your friends’ metropolises.  And perhaps best of all, the game does not appear to be begging for too much of players’ money, though if you feel impelled to spend some cash, real-world currency can be traded in for more diamonds.

Depending on how much mileage you get out of the title will really depend on testing it out for yourself, and the free-to-play model and Sims moniker will likely attract a few curious clicks.  If you have tried out the title, let us know in the comments below if it lives up to the SimCity name or not.

via [Inside Social Games]