In the battle of the PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooters (admittedly, the war could use a snappier name), it appears the Resistance franchise is currently waving the white flag of defeat.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe producer Daniel Brooke has recently said Sony has “no definitive plans” to continue the franchise at this point in time.  After three console releases, a PSP title and the recent Resistance: Burning Skies for the PlayStation Vita, it seems that the series is, for now, on hiatus.  Brooke did not rule out a resurgence down the line, implying no title is in development at the moment.

This lack of production may of course have to do with the low sales for Resistance 3 and Burning Skies – though to be fair that second title disappointed many critics, as evidenced in our review of the game.  Still, because Resistance 3 garnered quite a bit of critical claim, it is sad to see the franchise stalling at the moment.  I actually just began playing the third title and am enjoying it immensely so far, so it is personally disheartening to hear this bit of info.

The lull in producing Resistance titles also likely means a continued push for the Killzone franchise as the defining FPS on Sony platforms.  Reports have leaked out that the Killzone developers Guerilla Games are working on something related to the series, though no other news has been revealed.

For now, fans may want to go kill a few more Chimera and hope for a brighter future for the franchise.

via [Joystiq]