Elsword players are in for a treat with the introduction of new character, Chung. We’ve had the chance to enjoy the free-to-play action-based MMORPG (hosted by Kill3rCombo in North America) a few times now both for review and as part of a live stream contest. It’s an accessible manga-inspired game that, rather than featuring classes, focuses on five six distinct characters that can be leveled up and customized in a number of ways. Being a F2P title, though, the retinue of aesthetic items and money vs. time decisions are in play. If you have no interest in the PvP segment of the experience, neither of those should bother you too much, as you can acquire your gear through normal play without spending a dime.

The new character, Chung, features a new game mechanic that allows him to don his family’s armor and turn into a huge human fortress wielding the Destroyer, his cannon.

You can take a look at the short teaser for the new character below and head over to the Elsword website to make your very own Chung.