It wasn’t long ago that “America’s #1 LCD HDTV Company”, Vizio, was announcing their intent to enter the PC market, and now, they’re expanding their reach once again.  This time, they are targeting smart TV seekers with a price point that will be hard to turn down.

For a mere $99 ($100 less than Sony’s NSG-GS7) you can kick back on your Frito encrusted couch and enjoy the Vizio Co-Star – complete with Google TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iHeartRadio, and a little thing called OnLive service, for streaming access to “top tier gaming.”  While OnLive may not have every game your negative nancy noggin’ can think of, what they do offer is a healthy mix of classics like Altered Beast to new releases Arkham City.  That, and a massive ad on their site promoting Darksiders II.

The Co-Star system itself boasts a fancy dual-sided Bluetooth remote with a QWERTY keypad that flips over to a more traditional number pad layout…so you can call your mom to tuck you in.  As snazzy and affordable as that all sounds, you can’t have it just yet.  Pre-ordering starts as early as the begining of next month, but a firm release date on the Co-Star has yet to be set.