I know what you’re thinking: something has gone wrong here. The same corporation whose name seems to have been inspired by a cyber-punk novel megacorp and encourages a company culture of “skepticism, pessimism and fear” is handing over a quarter of a million dollars over to indie devs? Yes, it’s true.

Winners of Activision’s Indie Games Competition received a nice chunk of change towards their game development as the results for the 2011 event have been announced. First up, Christopher Hui snagged himself $175,000 for his touch-screen based Iron Dragon, which has been described as “an action flight adventure.” Second place netted a cool $75,000, and it was Michael Stanton who took that prize home with his Planet Smashers game. You may remember Stanton from being the bold fellow who wanted to create an indie console through Kickstarter a few weeks ago. A small demo of the game is available at his website, but since Planet Smashers was a Canadian ska band from the late-90’s, I can only assume it’s a music rhythm game with a checkerboard UI and skanking galore that will give me middle school flashbacks.

If there’s any “catch” to the competition, it’s that Activision gets first choice in publishing rights once the game is done. Considering how small most indie teams are, the backing of a giant publisher may not be a bad thing. A round of applause to both the winners and Activision.

via [Joystiq]