Kazuo Hirai, Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, has officially stepped down from his position. Though he retains his place on the Board of Directors, Kaz will no longer be actively involved in the gaming side of Sony’s market, choosing instead to focus on the company’s TV, music, and phone interests in a part-time capacity. We haven’t yet heard who will replace him, but there have been new executives appointed to the board, including Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano, so it seems that a shuffle is definitely in the works. Who will be sitting in Kaz’s spot when that shuffle finishes is anyone’s guess at the moment, though.

Kaz was only appointed Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment on September 1st of last year, and was recently made president and CEO of the Sony Corporation. Whether his departure will be good or bad news for Sony’s gaming market remains to be seen, but personally, I had great hopes when Kaz was appointed. He seemed to get the North American audience in a way that many of Sony’s higher-ups just don’t. I’m disappointed to see him go, but remain hopeful that his replacement will do great things. Actually, at this point, whoever is chairing SCE when The Last Guardian releases will be pretty much deified in my mind, so as long as Kaz’s replacement sees that done, I’ll be happy.

via [Destructoid]