As we reported, Monday was the kick-off date for the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Pyromania update that was to conclude on the 27th with the release of the “Meet the Pyro” video in addition to a couple of updates along the way. Monday saw the introduction of Doomsday mode, and Tuesday added some neat weapons for the Scout, Soldier, and Sniper class. Tuesday’s update was particularly interesting as the weapons included were made available first through the Steam Workshop tool. Valve has encouraged modders before, as many TF2 maps now in popular play were created by amateur level editors and then gained monetary support through the TF2 store. While it’s no surprise that they would extend this support to item-modders, it’s great to see it finally happening.

Wednesday brings even more exciting news, and it’s not just the release of the “Meet the Pyro” video, which you can see here:

Nor is it the item update, which by some hints on the blog imply that players will soon be able to spread the same rainbow joy that Pyro does in the video above. The best Valve news you’ll read today is that they’re planning to officially release the Source Filmmaker: the tool used to create all those great Valve shorts that have been put out over the years. I say “officially” as the tools were once accidentally released and apparently existed in torrent sites in the following years.

Fan-created videos are not an uncommon occurrence with the company’s games, and range from self-congratulatory kill streak capturing, to narrative tales, to some of the most brilliant trolling ever shared on the web:

Last year, Valve even released some in-game filming tools for TF2 so that players could participate in the Saaxy awards. That simple recording function doesn’t hold up to what was described in a press release as a program that “condenses the production pipeline of an animation studio down onto a single gaming PC.” If that sounds a bit hyperbolic, check out the video below, which introduces the tool and shows off some of its features:

As noted in the video, Source Filmmaker is currently in an invite beta which can be applied to at here, and will be eventually released to all for free.