In today’s continuing tale of strange bedfellows, the indie game that won the reality show competition held by Rupert Murdoch’s IGN is now officially out. Washington’s Wig managed to come out on top of IGN’s The Next Game Boss (an event that pitted various indie devs against each other) about three months ago, which netted them a spot at IGN’s Indie Open House and licenses to various engines (the latter may not sound too impressive, but engine licenses can cost quite a bit, even for small games). The game is now purchasable on XBLIG for the low, low, price of 80 MS points.

The game itself- developed by brother duo Team2Bit– is a 2D platformer where you play as George Washington’s dog- Dogsworth McFreedom- trying to return Washington’s wig to him as he crosses the Delaware river. Here’s the release video of the 8-bit styled title:


Team2Bit are also in the process of readying their next game—Fist Puncherfor release on various platforms.