The Wii U is set for a holiday release this year and retailers have began taking pre-orders for Nintendo’s newest console, however controversy has already erupted over the perceived price of the launch games for the system. It has been speculated, and this has been echoed by some online retailers, that the price of Wii U software will be upwards of $100 (£64) per game, significantly higher than its competition. If you think the idea of having to pay exorbitant prices for a single game on the Wii U is absurd, Nintendo agrees and they have issued a statement denouncing these rumors.

The rumors of the high price of Wii U software began shortly after E3 2012, and these flutters have been further given credibility by online retailers such as, who currently lists the price for Wii U titles such as New Super Mario Bros U, Pikmin 3 and Nintendo Land as $99.99 US each. Interestingly, other titles like ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed III are listed at the standard (and far more reasonable) price of $59.99. In a statement released today, an “Official Nintendo Spokesperson” refuted the claims that software on the Wii U will cost what some people are claiming, instead noting that the prices have not yet been confirmed and any that have been quoted are purely speculative.

The statement from Nintendo is as follows:

“Retailers are beginning their presale activity, but given there is no official software price, they are using fictitious prices. When software pricing is officially announced later this year, I am sure retailers will adjust their websites to reflect the true price.”

It is not uncommon for online retailers to post games well in advance of their price and release date being confirmed, so incomplete and inaccurate information is often posted and then amended later when the official details are know. That is very likely the case here, since it’s hard to imagine people paying $100 per game, especially for cross-platform titles that are available on other systems and for less. Interestingly, Nintendo has not offered any factual information on what the software will actually cost, however the standard price point of $59.99 is more likely, especially if Nintendo wants to remain competitive.

There is also no confirmation on the exact street date or launch price for the Wii U, however rampant speculation has placed the price between $299 and $349. Like the speculative prices of Wii U software noted above, this is not to be taken as fact. Until Nintendo officially announced these details, it’s all just guess work.