Video game marathons that raise money for recognized charities are always great events to both watch and support. The latest marathon to catch our attention is called the “Zelda Timeline Marathon”, a 72 hour Legend of Zelda extravaganza set forth by GameToAid, an Australian non-profit organization that raises money for charity by doing gaming marathons. Their goal for this Zelda marathon is to raise $5,000 in donations, with all proceeds going to the Child’s Play charity.

Over the 72 hours, two teams of gamers will compete to see who can make it through six titles in the famed Legend of Zelda game series first. The teams are, amusingly, called Team Beedle and Team Tingle, and they will play through the games in chronological order based on the overall story in the series. The selection of games covers several Nintendo console generations, including the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gamecube and Wii, so this is guaranteed to be a wonderful nostalgic treat for any longtime Zelda fan.

It should be emphasized that “chronological” here refers to the story timeline, not the release date of the actual games, so the roster of games they will be playing during the marathon is as follows:

The entire event is being live streamed over Twich.TV and fans can watch, interact with others in the chat room and, most importantly, donate. As of this writing, the event is in progress and they are making great headway in both the games and their fundraising goals. The Child’s Play charity was founded by Penny Arcade in 2003 as a way of raising funds to donate toys and games to children’s hospitals worldwide, and it is widely supported by the online gaming community.

To view the live stream, which is currently in progress as of this writing, click here to visit the GameToAid site. Throughout the show, there will be prize giveaways and fan art showcases.