As I’ve slowly acquiesced to just wanting to play strategy games, there’s been a few titles that I’ve missed over the years and have wanted to try out. One of those missed games is Hero Academy, which I haven’t taken the time to play mostly because the only Apple device I have is an eight year old iPod. Developed by Robot Entertainment (the same team that created the wonderful Orcs Must Die!) Hero Academy is a turn-based, asynchronous tactics game that was exclusive to iOS. I and many others will finally be able to play the game though, as it has been announced that come August 8th, the title will be released on the PC and be distributed through Steam. In addition, Valve has worked with the developer to bring the Team Fortress 2 cast of characters into the game, as seen in this announcement teaser here:

Hero Academy will be cross-platform, meaning you can play games with people on any device iOS device or PC, and all of your games will be accessible from any of the platforms you have the game installed.

While no pricing has been announced, one of the features listed on the game’s website is that whenever an expansion team is purchased, a TF2 item will be unlocked. This leads me to believe that the game will be free-to-play with micro-transactions (a profit model that Valve has been exploring thoroughly in the last year or so).

If you’re curious as to how the game plays, here’s a video from the developer explaining the basic rules and techniques: