It’s been a long time coming but Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest JRPG epic is finally making its way to North America.

This critically acclaimed Wii exclusive has already been well recieved in Japan and Europe, but the Mistwalker himself seems most concerned about how American audiences will react.

Speaking to RipTen, lead developer Takuya Matsumoto talked candidly about Sakaguchi-san’s concerns and hopes, noting that the American reception of their latest game will be a key factor in deciding how they develop their next title:

“Making a real time combat system modeled after more western games is something that we were aiming for.  Now that it’s finally coming out in America and we finally get to see the feedback and what the American users are thinking – depending on that feedback – Sakaguchi-san will decide what we do with our next game.

The Last Story features a real time battle system that has been praised for combining third person cover based action with real time strategy and classic JRPG design.

According to Matsumoto, Sakaguchi-san also admits that this real time battle system was a bit advanced for Japanese users, but since the western audience is more used to this sort of system, he is “really curious” to see how we react.

What say you?  Do you prefer the real time battle systems being developed for modern JRPGS?  Or would you prefer that Mistwalker return to their roots and develop games with more traditional JRPG gameplay?



  1. I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand, the Wii didn’t have a lot of this kind of quality RPG titles released for western audiences and that might drive sales; on the other, I fear with Nintendo’s dropping the Wii in favor of the upcoming successor may just have this game come out with little to no spot light and possibly under perform sales wise.

    We’ll see how many of those gamers whom were rather upset that the game wasn’t heading for North American (the ones whom signed the petitions) actually step up and put down the cash for the title once it comes out. I for one, will be purchasing it and have been waiting for it for quite a while it seems, but again, I question peoples integrity beyond just complaining about the situation to the point where they’re actually going to buy the title.