Summer is usually a time for hitting the beach, working on your tan, taking long strolls through a park and staying inside while playing games for hours on end.  OK, so maybe that last one is a bit different from the rest, but if that’s more your style during these summer months, Sony is looking to facilitate your game time with the PlayStation Network Summer Sale 2012.

Beginning July 3 and lasting through until July 9, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to purchase 11 titles for 30% off. Even better, those with a PlayStation Plus account (and after the recent PS Plus update, how could you not be a subscriber?) can pick up these games for 50% off.

Here is the full list of titles and their discounted prices (the first price is the regular discount and the second is the amount PS Plus members will pay):

  1. Closure – $10.49/$7.34
  2. Crysis – $13.99/9.79
  3. Gotham City Imposters – $10.49/$7.34
  4. Infamous: Festival of Blood – $6.99/$4.89
  5. Jurassic Park: The Game – $13.99/$9.79
  6. Killzone 3 (multiplayer) – $10.49/$7.34
  7. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition – 10.49/$7.34
  8. Real Steel – $6.99/$4.89
  9. Shadow of the Colossus HD – $13.99/$9.79
  10. The House of the Dead III – $4.89/$3.42
  11. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem – $10.49/$7.34
Some of these titles are no-brainer purchases.  Shadow of the Colossus HD for under $10 should be at the top of most lists for those who never picked up the game in its HD collection, and there is enough variation on the list to appeal to gamers of most tastes.  Some of the titles are questionable – I think Real Steel has probably capitalized on any audience it will have – but the full list does include some gems you won’t want to miss.  I certainly don’t want to pass up Infamous for less than $5, and a few of the other titles pique my interest.
If any of these opportunities catch your eye, make sure to act quickly; the sale lasts for only a week. After that, we will all have to go back to paying full price for downloadable offerings this summer.